Text versions of websites of Russian TV channels will be free


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Chizhenok / Kommersant

Text versions of websites of Russian TV channels included in the updated resource list, access to which in the experiment is available for free. It is reported portal “the Future of Russia. National projects”.

In the experiment the Ministry of communications of 1 April and 1 July are largest Russian fixed-line operators. They provide access to socially important Internet resources to subscribers with a zero or negative balance on the account.

From the new list, which represents 371 resource, removed the official procurement website and portals devoted to medical topics. At the same time there appeared the website of the national projects and Lite versions of the sites television resources where it is impossible to watch. There is the opportunity to upgrade to the full version of the resource, but in this case, the user loses the ability to use the site “free”.

In the updated list there are sites THT, “Russia 1”, “Culture”, “Friday” and other TV channels. While there have been lighter versions of the First channel, STS, “Ren TV”, TVC and RT. It is explained that the TV channels did text versions because these sites take some of the traffic with full sites.

The demand for information resources, included in the list of the Ministry of communications was determined based on publicly available data about their attendance. As necessary, this list can vary, but not more often than once a week.

Until the end of 2024 in Russia will be implemented the national project “Digital economy”. It involves the increase of internal costs for the development of the digital economy at the expense of all sources, the creation of sustainable and secure information and telecommunications infrastructure for high speed transmission, processing and storage of large amounts of data, as well as the transfer of government agencies and organizations to use mainly software developed in Russia. Only the implementation of the national project it is planned to allocate more than 1.8 trillion rubles.

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