The Chechens were forbidden to gather after the riots in France


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Chechen Diaspora 20 June it was planning to hold a rally in Paris on Bastille square, to “cry out to the French public.” It is reported BFM.TV.

It is noted that by using a peaceful rally Chechens wanted to tell his version of the battle in the city of Dijon, where the riots took place with the participation of people from former French colonies in North Africa. However, by the evening of 18 June, the Prefecture withdrew the permission to hold a rally.

After the ban of the authorities to gather to share the Chechens began to propagate messages urging them not to gather at the place de La Bastille, so as not to provoke the police.

On arrests of Chechens reported before, on June 18, French police arrested members of the Chechen Diaspora involved in the unrest in Dijon. According to some, was detained “paludina” immigrants from Chechnya, which is calculated in frame of the video with the riots.

The unrest in Dijon began after members of the Chechen Diaspora decided to take revenge for the alleged beating of 16-year-old Chechen local drug traffickers. The clashes 11 people were injured, some in serious condition.

After the riots the conflicting parties met at the mosque and agreed to a truce. This became possible due to the fact that the Maghrebi community admitted his guilt and apologized.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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