The girl had trusted my gut on a date and brought the guy to tears



22-year-old girl went on a date with a 21 year old guy met on Tinder, and brought him to tears. She said on Reddit that during the meeting, she became suspicious and decided to trust my instincts and found out that the young man was a few years younger than indicated in your profile.

“When we met in the coffee shop, he looked like the pictures, but a bit younger, so I wondered about his age,” wrote the author of the post. She decided to offer him to drink after the coffee. The young man was nervous and offered simply to dine, although in the correspondence told her that drinking alcohol. The narrator also was concerned that at the meeting he mentioned the place of work that in the conversation.

After the date, she asked me to take her home. Then the girl said to the young man about all the inconsistencies between his behavior in real life and in correspondence and demanded to show documents. The guy burst into tears, apologized, and handed her ID card. It turned out that he’s 18, not 21.

Girlfriend girls learned about the incident, said she didn’t have to embarrass the boy. The author of the post admitted that he did not want to bring him to tears and felt very uncomfortable. However, in comments on Reddit, many came to her side. “It is manipulation and it’s gross. If you did not, it is more likely that he would continue to do the same with other women,” wrote humhallelujahh and advised the girl to report the guy’s profile in Tinder. A user with the nickname Tacobelley praised the author of the post because she trusted my intuition, and also drew attention to the fact that it could be accused of statutory rape, if he was younger.

Earlier, another lady Reddit shared the story about how her father accidentally found out that her husband is transgender. At the end of the quarrel, the woman cursed father’s mate, and later began to doubt whether she did. In the comments many of you have supported the author of the post and expressed confidence that “homophobes deserve this”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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