The network has listed said at the wrong time the worst phrase



9_Soldiers_In_A_Bear a Reddit user started a thread which invited other users to list the worst phrase said in the wrong moment. The post gained more than 70 thousand approving estimates and 14.5 thousand reviews.

Usersa YaBoiMai said that four years was in a relationship with a man who humiliated her, and the year was married to him. When the wife asked for a divorce, the husband said, “You can’t do it, because you’ll go to hell”. Then the woman said, “well, then, I’ll meet you there”.

The user syrahcassette remembered having been to the dentist for the first time. To cheer the patient, the doctor after the introduction of the anesthetic said, “How are you feeling?” The narrator said, “I don’t feel”. A user kezopster in response to the accusations of passive aggression, said: “What part sounded passive? I don’t want to seem passive”.

beatdownbuffalo remembered how his girlfriend during an argument that she should go back to school, got angry and said, “Rome was not built in one day!” The user said: “Yes, but it at least built”. Jokulgoblin recounted how while working in a bookstore he had to answer the question the buyer about how often overlook periodicals. “Periodically” — he said, and the client asked him to call the Manager. “But it was worth it”, — he stressed.

Earlier in June, Reddit users began to discuss the most serious problems faced, when he grew up. So many were unaware, for example, how confusing the insurance system is in the United States. Also, users believed that their parents love all who is around, but it turned out to be wrong. The commentators also said he was never prepared for the loss of loved ones.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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