The Professor said attempts by the West to discredit the vote on the Constitution


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To vote on amendments to the Constitution, the Russians have once again confirmed their independence and sovereignty. About this column to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” wrote a Professor at the Higher school of Economics (HSE), political scientist Oleg Matveichev, commenting on the conclusions of the Venice Commission on proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin amendments.

Matveychev noted that the Venice Commission is not the final authority and the conclusion always is a recommendation. “The Venice Commission sit representatives of the NATO member countries. These are the countries that impose sanctions against us and whose courts occasionally stand against Russia unpleasant and unjust decision. Wonder that inveterate Russophobes once again blurted out something and shat in the direction of Russia, is not necessary”, — he said.

The expert stressed that the Venice Commission “to all the amendments do no claims has.” According to him, this court has urged Russia to strengthen the power of Parliament, Putin proposed to amend the Constitution.

“Voting procedure for amendments to the Constitution is also fully consistent with the spirit of legal decisions of the Venice Commission, which has also repeatedly stated that the participation of the people by popular vote on important constitutional or legal acts reinforces the legitimacy of these acts, and that is what we have done,” — said Matveychev.

According to him, the only point which has caused dissatisfaction of the Venice Commission is an amendment stating that the execution of the decisions of any international bodies and courts in Russia will be carried out only in the absence of contradictions of the Constitution. Also, the Constitution is the primary and more important document than the decision of international courts. “It’s a shame masters, overseas burzhuina that our Constitution will be in charge of their decisions,” — said the Professor.

As an example, he cited the German Constitution or code of fundamental laws of great Britain, which established the same rules. “Why Germany is in the Constitution to write, and no the Venice Commission says that the Germans need to expel from the Council of Europe or that their Constitution illegal and illegitimate and Russia at this point?” — said Matveychev.

In conclusion, the analyst wrote that “if the opposition and all kinds of Russophobic centers in the West are alarmed, so our people are doing everything right.”

Voting amendments to the Constitution will be held on 1 July. To start to vote for the Russians will be able already since June 25, to ensure safety during combat coronavirus. Among the proposed amendments, the priority of Russian laws over international, as well as the right of Putin to run again for the presidency. All amendments approved by the constitutional court, the state Duma, the Federation Council and regional parliaments.

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