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Before Unified state exam (use) you must ask questions to teachers, evenly distribute the load between study and rest, but also to expand the range of resources for training. Tips for preparing for examinations given by the teacher-psychologist of the Moscow City psychological-pedagogical center Oksana Kolarova in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

“The decision of the trial tests, past experience of participation in the Olympiads, consultations with teachers on how to pass the exam, your own experience of passing all previous exams are also good ways to reduce the level of uncertainty followed and the level of anxiety for upcoming exams,” said Kolarova.

The psychologist also advised the graduates to define the most productive time and schedule study complex topics based on this. The entire scope of tasks it is better to divide for days, and the main thing — not to forget about the interruptions to productivity is not reduced. To be distracted from the training should be every hour for 5-10 minutes.

Kolarova also noted the importance of such factors as proper nutrition, proper sleep and exercise — they help to strengthen the resources that help reduce anxiety before the exam. “The active use of the body helps in the situation of exam. For example, in heavy seas it is important to focus on your breathing, close your eyes, slowly and deeply breathe for a while, and then return to the breath calm, smooth rhythm”, — said the psychologist.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic in Russia has twice postponed the exam. This year the exam will be taken only by those students who intend after graduation to enroll in universities. June 17 Inprovement approved the schedule of the exam in 2020, according to which the first exam will take place on 3 July. On this day graduates will hand over the geography, literature, computer science and information and communication technologies. June 29 and 30 trial examinations will be held without the participation of the graduates.

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