The Russian blogger was hounded for a family photo


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Russian blogger Mikhail Pechersky, one of the authors YouTube channel Nemagia, posted a family photo that caused controversy in the network. In the comments to the post man was accused of racism and hounded. Later the picture was removed from Instagram, but it was published to Reddit.

In the pictures of the caves painted the face black, that the network called “blackface” is considered racist. The baby in the picture is a parody of Asian, and his wife holds a sign that says All Lives Matter (“All lives matter”). This statement in modern culture many also think it is incorrect: it is alleged that it, as a response to the slogan Black Lives Matter (“black Life is important”), diverts attention from the problems of African Americans.

Instagram users considered the racist and began to complain about him, what Pechersk told page Nemagia in Facebook. According to him, during the day, post scored 70 thousand negative English reviews. The blogger added that several times and then downloaded the picture, but Instagram removed the picture from his page, and page wife. “In this world there is no freedom, and most importantly, it is not in three vaunted America” — summed up the caves.

After deleting the picture the wife of the blogger posted another picture to have signed because #alllivesmatter. In the review of English users continue to write to her about what is the importance of black lives, and criticize the appearance of women and writing insults. Page of the caves at the time of publication notes available.

In dozens of U.S. cities a few weeks of protests that began due to the death of a black security guard George Floyd after rough arrest of a police officer. The protesters are blaming racist prejudices in society and the police. Protests accompanied by riots, clashes with police, the demolition and desecration of monuments. In some States, they turned into riots, pogroms, looting, shooting and arson.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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