The son dumped the bodies of the parents and four hours floating in shark-infested water


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A resident of the state of Western Australia and his girlfriend a few hours, swam through a shark-infested ocean after the tidal wave turned over the fishing boat and killed the parents of the man. This publication reports The Sun.

Ryan Ostrich (Ryan Oostryck) went fishing with his parents and sweetheart by the name of Galina. When the family was three miles from shore, a wave hit their boat and overturned the ship. In the result, Ryan’s parents drowned. The Aussie and his girlfriend managed to escape. They had to make a difficult decision: to leave the bodies and swim to the shore three kilometres through shark-infested waters.

Four hours later, Ryan and Galina reached the shore, where vacationing with tents on the shore of tourists raised the alarm. They explained that the boat was equipped with rescue gear, but when she is unexpectedly turned upside down, those on Board are unable to reach it.

“I don’t know what the waves were at that moment and can they be classified as extreme, but they were strong enough to turn the boat. This time of year, especially in this area, the weather is nice, and I appeal to all boat owners: swim at your leisure, but be prepared”, — said the acting head of the Pilbara region Flexen mark (Mark Fleksen).

Sharks are found near the coast of Australia. The most common type in the Australian oceans — the great white shark, whale, tiger and Zebra sharks.

Earlier it was reported that in the Pacific ocean rescued the four people who have wrecked and more than a month drifting in a small boat without food. During this time, killed their eight satellites.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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