Trump has promised the US economy has the best performance in the history of mankind


www.vsyako.netDonald Truephoto: Win McNamee / Getty Images

Us GDP will be the highest in the history of mankind in the third quarter of 2020. The forecast of the President of the United States Donald trump gave an interview to the newspaper The Washington Times.

He called the economy the best platform for victory in the upcoming presidential election, pointing to the increase in the number of jobs and retail sales in may. However, promises a breakthrough, the U.S. leader did not specify what indicators will reach the country’s GDP.

In early June it became known that in the U.S. resulted in continuous economic growth, the government officially recognized the onset of the recession. Before that the American economy grew for 11 years.

In the first quarter, GDP fell by 4.8 percent. The U.S. Treasury intends to occupy the almost three trillion dollars to cover the costs associated with the pandemic. By 30 September, the office may issue government bonds for another 3.7 trillion dollars. Unemployment in the country stood at 13.3 percent at the beginning of June.

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