Trump wanted to release the video of when Biden with bin Laden


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The President of the United States Donald trump appeared in the podcast Triggered his son Donald trump Jr., in which he stated about the intentions to make the commercial, which States that the leader “al-Qaeda” (an international terrorist group, banned in Russia) Osama bin Laden supported the most likely candidate from the Democratic party of the United States Joe Biden. The words of the American leader, reports Forbes.

Trump commented on secret documents seized during the liquidation of Osama bin Laden in may 2011, which were first published by The Washington Post in 2012. According to them, the terrorist planned to kill Barack Obama, who was at that time a post of the head of the White house that Biden has assumed the office of President of the United States and plunged the United States into crisis. “We’re going to immediately make a promotional video about it, if that’s true,” said trump.

Then trump Jr. as a gift for father’s Day released a video in which Biden calls “the candidate of China, candidate of Iran and candidate Osama.”

Earlier, on 19 June it was reported that the nomination of Joe Biden as the candidate for President from the Democratic party could happen on August 20. It is expected that the procedure of formation will be held on the last day of the national Congress of Democrats in Milwaukee (Wisconsin).

U.S. elections scheduled for November 3, 2020. According to the latest survey by Monmouth University for Biden ready to vote 52% of respondents, trump 11 percent less. For the month Biden strengthened its position by 2 percent.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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