Called the danger of using the gadgets before you sleep


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Bright screen gadgets in the dark can irritate the areas of the brain to stimulate its activity, and then cause a headache, said medical Director Vladislav Mohamed Ali in an interview with the Agency “Prime”.

The expert called for a more sound sleep is to stop using the gadgets at a later time. “Even if we don’t see the bright flashes of the screen, the brain still reacts”, he said.

Specialist recommended fans to use smartphones before bed to switch the gadgets on night mode. According to him, this will help to maintain the “sharpness of vision” and will not harm the brain.

In late may, the expert assessed the risk of charging throughout the night. According to him, it may have a negative impact on his work. During the overnight charge is recommended to be enabled on the smartphone’s airplane mode, which will help to limit the radiation signals. Manufacturers recommend not to lower the battery level is below 20-30% and not to bring the phone to completely turn off. Also, do not often bring the phone to full charge, which also leads to rapid wear of the battery.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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