Dr. Myasnikov called the most dangerous kind of headache


www.vsyako.netAlexander Myasnikovich: Mr Song / RIA Novosti

Head physician of Minsk hospital No. 71 Alexander Myasnikov, known to viewers of “Russia 1” as a doctor, a butcher, was named the most dangerous kind of headache. He told about it on air of transfer “On the main”, the recording of which is available on YouTube.

According to the doctor, a headache that is accompanied by severe neurological symptoms, is the greatest danger to humans.

“What a headache is dangerous? Strong, from which you Wake up in the night, one that is accompanied by changes in neurological symptoms,” said butchers. He added that it is urgent to consult a doctor if the headaches are accompanied by blurred vision, numbness of the limbs or sagging nasolabial folds.

It is also worth to consult a specialist if the pain is worse when changing body position or coughing.

These symptoms may indicate increased intracranial pressure, which may be due to tumor, hemorrhage, or separation of the aneurysm. Butchers concluded that in other cases it is not necessary to worry because of a headache. According to him, the headache in varying degrees manifests itself in all people due to fatigue, lack of sleep or improper head position.

Earlier in June it became known that the butchers have applied for registration of its own brand. Under its brand will be to produce and sell various medical and veterinary preparations. In particular, we are talking about medical cannabis, the cure for constipation, masks, gloves, and Souvenirs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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