In Ukraine, Bandera found a stash of 70-year-old


www.vsyako.netPhoto: RIA Novosti

In the Ukrainian city of Mostiska of Lviv region Bandera found a cache of documents of 70 years ago. It is reported by TSN.

Seekers of historical values Andriy Savka and Andrew Bereza accidentally made a discovery in the woods while walking with a metal detector. Among the finds — books, documents and journals, which dated back to the years 1940-1950. It is also claimed that the found military ID officer of the NKVD, 1948 (the Department was reorganized into the Ministry of the interior in 1946 — approx. “Of the”), who “tried to break into the ranks of the Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA, an organization banned in Russia).”

It was also reported that the probability of finding the archival documents of the Soviet commander of the partisans of Sidor Kovpak. The finding was sent to the historical Museum.

The UPA — armed formation of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN) under the command of Stepan Bandera. In 1943, the militants organized the so-called Volyn massacre, the victims of which could be up to 100 thousand ethnic poles, including women and children. After the war, the UPA launched an armed resistance to the Soviet regime.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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