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Russian laser complex “Peresvet” is intended for blowing out (dazzling), but not blinding (blinding) enemy satellites that monitor the position of Russian Intercontinental ballistic missiles, according to analyst Bart Hendricks in the publication of the American edition of the Space Review. Translation of “raskruchivaya” Russian super-weapon expert articles published (part one, part two) blog bmpd in LiveJournal.

In the article the analyst, based on analysis of open sources and satellite imagery, it is argued that “blowing out leads to a temporary loss optical and optoelectronic devices is their ability to detect, filling them with light that is brighter than that which they are trying to display the” whereas “blindness causes irreparable damage to such systems.”

The lead developer of the “Peresvet” is Russian Federal nuclear center — all-Russian research Institute of experimental physics (RFNC-VNIIEF) located in Sarov. Hendricks draws attention to the fact that in RFNC-VNIIEF is constructed of UV-2M, which is considered the world’s most powerful laser research setup. The expert found it difficult to name the specific type of laser used the “Relight”. Among the most possible options for laser nuclear-pumped oxygen-iodine laser photodissociation iodine explosive pumped.

For the creation of the guidance system of the laser, which probably received the designation CM-890 meets the St. Petersburg Design Bureau of special mechanical engineering. Supercomputing system, which is controlled by the laser system probably has the name “Chill-RN” (“Storm”). Scientific production Association Luch in Podolsk could be responsible for adaptive optical system for correction of laser radiation, which allows to compensate for atmospheric disturbances in the path of the laser beam in space.

According to the expert, complex “Peresvet” uses tractor KAMAZ-65225 and semi-trailer CHMZAP-99903. Installations deployed in five locations, four of which are known (54th missile division Teykovo under, 39th missile division near Novosibirsk, 35th missile division at Barnaul and the 14th missile division under Yoshkar-Ola).

The analyst writes that “Peresvet” from the Ministry of defence received the official designation 14Ц034. Hendricks noted that at present Russia is probably working on another two systems of laser weapons (air-launched, anti-satellite laser in the Caucasus).

In December 2018, the American edition Patriotic We Are The Mighty wrote that watching “propaganda” news and videos about the Russian laser weapons, you should pay attention to the “two things” — Russia “is lying about the new technology all the time and never showed it in action.”

Combat laser “Peresvet” was presented by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in March 2018 during address to the Federal Assembly. “I don’t want to go into details, just not the time yet. But experts will understand that the presence of such weapons systems a multiple expands capabilities of Russia in the sphere of its security”, — said the head of state.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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