Disclosed is a method eat less


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Doctor of medical Sciences Vasily Generalov revealed in an interview with radio Sputnik method to eat less.

So, if the receptors cease to function properly, the person begins to eat more and more. The reason for this failure may be the quality of the food. According to him, will help the transition from junk food to healthy food. This happens due to the restoration of taste buds.

He noted that there is a theory that the lower the threshold of taste sensitivity, the more people consume products. “And the more you consume, the better it is the food companies,” he said.

“Fortunately, the receptors tend to purification,” explained Generals. According to him, need to switch to natural products based on meat, eggs, fish and green salads.

The specialist noted that after a while people will get a completely new taste sensations from familiar dishes. “When did you stop eating sweet buds cleansed and you begin to feel the sugar even where it is not suspected that he is,” he said.

Informed nutritionists from the British centre for Cambridge Weight Plan told how to lose weight for 14 days after isolation. First, nutritionists recommend to refuse delivered from the restaurant meals and convenience foods in favor of home-cooked home food. Experts recommend sticking to a Mediterranean diet.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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