Millionaire conceived first sex party with social distance


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Christian Hartmann/ Reuters

British millionaire Richard Stanley (Richard Stanley) conceived to carry out first sex party, which will be respected the rules of social distance introduced due to the spread of the coronavirus. This writes the Mirror.

Stanley and his girlfriend Janet, a working nurse, so decided to mark the future end of the quarantine in the UK. According to him, party of Swingers will be held under the open sky. “We need to follow the rules. If we’re allowed to arrange everything, it will be an amazing night,” he assured the man.

According to Stanley, to organize a party he plans to on July 25. The businessman believes that couples who take part in it, will remain safe, because the area of his house can accommodate a distancing. The party plan to spend, even if the participants will not be able to change partners and to unite.

“If the parties in the premises is not allowed, we will be on the street. Let’s hope for a warm evening and a small number of mosquitoes,” said Stanley.

The millionaire and his partner spend long sex parties, which they call the best and most popular in the UK. Five years ago the work of Stanley was criticized once during one of his parties in the pool of drowned man. Richard went in after him, pulled out and tried to save, but he failed. Later, the man’s death explained as an accident, but Stanley continued to throw parties.

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