Zamurueva child in the concrete Russian woman complained about the effect of capitalism on son


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The inhabitant of the Astrakhan region, which has chained their 12-year-old son in concrete and lying about his disappearance, wrote in social networks about their experiences regarding the fate of the boy. However, she blamed him for the error, the cause of which believed the capitalist system of society. The corresponding entry she posted on his page in “Vkontakte”.

“How would a mother raise her child in love and care, society, which we received as a result of the “reform” of education and of the capitalist system, can absorb any child in a matter of months,” complained the woman. According to her, the formation of a child’s personality is primarily influenced by peers, not parents.

“My situation made me think, what can I do to make other kids not to repeat the mistakes of my younger son. How can I protect other families from the same grief as mine?” — asked 56-year-old mother. Later in the message she was called to join the struggle for socialism, which, in her opinion, needs to rebuild “better human quality”.

The woman also complained of feeling unwell after allegedly missing child. In particular, she complained about heart attacks, arrhythmia, insomnia and neurosis.

The body of a teenager buried in concrete, found under the floor in the house of his elder brother on June 19. According to investigators, his mother during a quarrel struck the child with a dumbbell, causing the boy died. Then the woman poured the body of the concrete and hid it under the floor. To cover up the crime, she told the police about the missing son. It within a few months was looking for volunteers, rescuers and relatives.

It was later revealed that the woman wanted to run for Governor of the Astrakhan region. But last year, the party refused to support her candidacy for this post and the woman left the faction.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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