At the party in the U.S. was a massacre



In the U.S. city of Charlotte, North Carolina during the party there was a mass massacre — after the fire, there are two dead, seven wounded also. In addition, later became aware of five hit by a car. On Monday, June 22, reports the news Agency Associated Press.

According to the Deputy chief of police Charlotte johnny Jennings, the night police received the call that on the street Bittis Ford one man was hit by a car. Upon arrival, the police has recorded a massive crowd of people at an impromptu party.

Later it turned out that on the night of June 22, unidentified men opened fire on the crowd, resulting in later at the scene were found the bodies of two dead. Causes of the fire are not yet known. According to Jennings, there were several shooters.

In addition, the police chief said about the five victims who were hit by the car at the time of their escape from the fire. It is specified that seven of the wounded were hospitalized.

Currently, the police find out the circumstances of the incident. To determine the identity of those killed and those who fired on the citizens.

On the eve it became known that in the U.S. city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the protests after the death of a black George Floyd, who died as a result of brutal actions of the police upon his arrest, the shooting occurred. Personality and motives, as well as the number opened fire while are unknown. In the end, about 10 people have gunshot wounds of varying severity.

In April it was reported that staged the worst massacre in canadian history shooter Gabrielle Wortman before that quarreled with the girl, survivors of the attack. There are 23 victims in the province of Nova Scotia in Canada. The police also said that the man was not their employee, albeit one wearing a police uniform and it began to shoot at the citizens.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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