At the Russian Antarctic station “Mirny” there was a fire


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Wikipedia

At the Antarctic Mirny station, there was a fire that destroyed several laboratories and equipment. The victims and the victims in the incident no. This was reported on the website of the Arctic and Antarctic research Institute.

The fire occurred in meteomarine House Radio, with the result that the building, despite the measures taken, burned down completely. Was lost meteomarine, office of aerology laboratory program stratospheric
sensing cosmic rays, the meteorological laboratory and other facilities. Because of the strong wind the fire spread to a neighboring building that houses the saloon, but the flame was extinguished.

Because of the incident 11 people were evacuated from the House Radio and settled on other buildings of the station. At the moment the consequences of a fire are eliminated, creates a Commission to investigate the causes of fire. It is expected that soon the weather observations will be resumed and explorers will return to normal operation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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