Defined countries in Europe with the biggest discounts on housing


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The biggest in Europe discounts on real estate in the summer of 2020 are in Italy — the local owners go for discounts up to 40 percent of the market prices established prior to a pandemic coronavirus. This is stated in the materials of Knight Frank, arrived in edition “”.

“It is either urgent sales from owners or the developer must obtain cash flow even during the closure of the borders,” said the consultants. According to them, Cyprus can count on the discount to 25 percent, in France, Spain and Greece to 15 percent.

Up to 80 percent of a sale of real estate in Europe — this is housing that has been identified by the experts. 15% — hotels and offices, 5 percent commercial property. In the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Monaco and officially sales square meters no, but in practice, sellers often agree to provide a discount.

Earlier in June, it predicted global decline of housing prices. Most of the players of the real estate market believe that during the quarantine coronavirus prices per square meter will fall, but will gradually recover after the pandemic.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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