Disclosed trump’s words about the benefits of Pro-Russian President of Ukraine


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A Pro-Russian President of Ukraine could be useful in preventing a Third world war — this opinion was expressed by the President of the United States Donald trump in conversation with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel at the G20 summit in 2018. This information reveals in his book “the Room where it happened: memories of the White house,” a former adviser to trump national security John Bolton.

It tells Bolton, according to trump, is useful in this sense would be the Ukrainian leader, sympathetic to Russia. “Russian would have enjoyed it very much” — said the politician. There he emphasizes that trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin met at the summit because of the incident in the Kerch Strait, but were talking over lunch, in the absence of an interpreter on the American side.

After talking presidents, members of the U.S. house of representatives suspected that tramp has hidden from his own administration the details of the conversation with the Russian head of state, and wanted to call his translators for questioning.

Earlier it was reported that in the same book Bolton opened the request of former President Barack Obama to Putin: stop the annexation of the Crimea and not to interfere in the Affairs of Ukraine further to these conditions were proposed to resolve the Ukrainian conflict as a whole.

The President of the United States Donald trump sent Bolton to resign in September 2019. The us leader explained that serious mistakes were made by EA. After that, he wrote a memoir, fragments of which have drawn criticism from Washington. The US President called the book a collection of lies, and the US government intends to sue the author of the court to deprive him of the proceeds of the sale — he is accused of disclosure of a huge quantity of secret information.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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