FSB declassified crimes of the Nazis in the Crimea


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladislav Mikosha / RIA Novosti

In Crimea, the FSB has declassified and transferred to the State archive of the Republic of the documents on the facts of the Nazi crimes against the civilian population of the Peninsula during the great Patriotic war. On Monday, June 22, “the Tape.ru” reported in a press-service UFSB of Russia on Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol.

According to the Agency, among published documents — report of samarakone of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Crimean ASSR of major Smirnova about the punitive operation of the Nazis and their accomplices in the village chair (Mine). 4 Feb 1942, denounced the Nazis destroyed all the inhabitants of the settlement. This day was burned to death 15 people and two wounded of the red army.

Smirnov described the conditions under which the population survived during the occupation. According to him, in the villages was a hard mode difficulty. Face, one day is not released to work, regardless of the circumstances, deprived of the minimum shares in the form of 300 grams of wheat per day for a period of 14 days.

Many people have taken family and hid in Bagerovsky quarries. There were about 700-800 people. German police and gendarmerie has repeatedly invited the residents to come out. Seeing that no one wants to go, the Germans began to indulge in the quarry of Gaza, throwing bombs, threw inside of the barrel with an incendiary mix.

Transfer of documents is dedicated to the “Day of memory and grief”. The FSB in the Crimea continue to work in the clerical, evaluation and declassification of documents reflecting the facts of Nazi crimes in the framework of the project “Without a limitation period”.

On 11 April it was reported that the Russian military historical society (RVIA) has published the documents of the Central archive of the Ministry of defense of Russia, devoted to the crimes of the Nazis during the Second world war and the liberation of Europe by the red army.

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