Hated each other the man and woman were married and for 70 years was happy


www.vsyako.netOsborne and Edith Hancott: Melissa Hill

The couple from the British St. Helens, County of Merseyside, celebrated 70 years of marriage, argue that initially hated each other. About it writes edition the Daily Mail.

Osborne and Edith Hancock (Osborne and Edith Hancock) met in 1938 when both were ten years old. Although in school they had to sit, they did not get along. Relations improved only in high school. After school, Osborne served in the British air force. When he was sent to Singapore, he and Edith almost every day, exchanged letters.

“Then there was no Internet or even phone, everything was done by mail, recalls Osborne. In the same letter I proposed to her, in another she accepted it. I even sent her 20 quid on an engagement ring.” In 1950, a man and woman were married. During his life, they raised four children, and now Osborn and Edith eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Wednesday, June 17, 92-year-old couple celebrated the anniversary of marriage. “We absolutely do not feel my age, says Osborne. — We are healthy and happy, care about each other and about others and never even argue.” “I think we get on so well, because we have many common interests, and the music we like the same, — said Edith. — We are very similar, always happy, always amused each other”.

In 2019, it was reported that a couple from Lincolnshire, UK, celebrated 60 years of wedding anniversary and revealed the secret to a happy marriage. Husband thinks that in a relationship it is important to accept and respect differences in the personalities of the partners. The wife believes that all the matter in love.

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