Named a way to protect the phone in the heat



Improper use of the smartphone in the heat can lead to breakage of the device. About it on air of radio “Sputnik”, said head of Dmitry Ryabinin.

According to Ryabinina, the problem with gadgets, can be caused by extreme temperature changes, while in summer there is a risk of spontaneous combustion device. The specialist observed that modern devices have to protect them from overheating, security system, however, the smartphone may feel warm due to external factors: “Already, with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees, and the sun even more than 40 degrees”. High risk of spontaneous combustion apparatus associated with the direct exposure under direct sunlight.

Ryabinin noticed that much heat the device in any case not try to abruptly cooled, for example, putting it in the fridge: “In my opinion, better to give smartphone to gradually cool without temperature fluctuations”.

According to Ryabinina, an ignition device can be caused not only by exposure to the sun, but you run resource-intensive applications, which additionally load the battery of the gadget. Specialist also advised me to give up too dense cases for the smartphone, which can interfere with air circulation and natural cooling.

In the summer of 2019 Roskoshestvo told about the reasons of explosions of batteries of smartphones. According to a study of the organization, the devices batteries can explode due to defects, overheating of the device and the ageing of the gadget.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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