Police rescued a woman with two children from a fire


www.vsyako.netPlace proisshestvija: Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

In Chuvashia, a police officer rescued from burning home a woman and her children. About it “lente.ru” reported in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia.

The incident occurred in the evening in the village Cherkasy — it is located on the Federal highway M-7 “Volga”. On duty on a stationary post, Deputy platoon commander of a separate specialized battalion of the traffic police of the MIA for the Chuvash Republic police captain Maxim Lomonosov about 18:00 I noticed the black smoke over one of the houses in the village Khyrkasy the Cheboksary district.

Near the burning two-storey building was an elderly woman. She said that in the house or near him left her daughter and two grandchildren. A policeman climbed over the fence of a neighbor’s house and began to break through the thick smoke to the victim from the yard when he heard cries for help. Overcome the high barrier, he was beside a young woman and her two sons, said “the Tape.ru” Irina Wolf, official representative of MIA of Russia.

Lomonosov came to the rescue with a husband, the girls helped them through the neighbor’s fence. The policeman took everybody to a safe distance. The younger the child, the police captain carried on the hands.

Affected children have assisted members of the Public Council at the interior Ministry in the Republic of Chuvashia: they gave them the money and gave the scooter a younger son Maxim — his own was burned during the fire.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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