Revealed four the most dangerous product in the diet on Board


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The passengers should avoid certain foods in the diet on Board, as their use may be dangerous to health. This information opened an expert in food safety, Jean Dibble (Jean Dible), writes the Daily Express.

In particular, according to her, the most harmful are milk-containing foods, meat especially chicken and Turkey and rice. Dibble explained that this food, when incorrect or too long storage formed by many pathogenic bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

Another, the fourth, not recommended for use in air travel product to the companion publication called the water, including in the form of ice. She said that transporters often used for the service water from the tap without cleaning up: the microorganisms contained in a liquid, can be dangerous to humans.

The specialist explained that the food for air travel, unlike restaurant food is prepared in advance, in connection with which the products can be not fresh and contain harmful bacteria or kept with preservatives. The passengers usually do not feel as work taste buds climb dulled.

13 may, an anonymous flight attendant has worked for five different airlines, revealed the danger to aircraft supplied power. She admitted that the staff of the plane always trying to take in flight food from home, and advised travellers to follow the same rules.

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