Scientists have questioned the effectiveness of wearing masks children


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Standard medical masks to protect children worse than adults. About this newspaper “Izvestia”, citing a study by Dutch scientists from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

Despite the fact that all personal protective equipment generally suitable for the prevention of infection, their effectiveness in the children was 20 per cent lower than in adults. Elena Belova, infectious disease physician, worker of the scientific-clinical Department of MHZ AIDS and the International centre for Virology PFUR, said that such results can be explained by the fact that children move a lot and the masks they often move out. She emphasized that the necessity of wearing masks for minors, no less than adults, and they should be sure to explain how to do it right.

According to Russian experts, an important factor is also the fact that the standard masks are too big for children. Therefore, the acute question about the necessity of production of means of protection for them. The representatives of companies producing masks believe that children’s protection is less than one percent of the market. However, the demand for them may rise after the start of the school year, including due to the possible second wave of the coronavirus.

Previously, Chinese scientists have named the main symptoms of coronavirus in children. Unlike adults, who have fever appeared in less than half of the cases COVID-19, the children suffered in her 76 percent of cases. In addition, 62 percent of infected children found a strong cough, and 12 per cent for the diarrhoea and vomiting.

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