Swan lost a male and a Lebeda and died of grief


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In the English town of Kearsley, in the County of greater Manchester, Swan in a matter of weeks left without a male and a Lebeda because of the attacks of the vandals and died of grief. About this newspaper the Manchester Evening News.

May 20, eyewitnesses saw a group of teenagers throwing bricks and stones near the canal in Manchester. The vandals were aiming at a Swan nest with unborn calves and eventually broke three eggs out of six. Animal rights activists say that after a few eggs have been stolen.

According to eyewitnesses, the Swan saw the brutal murder of his unhatched of Lebeda and disappeared. Last week in the destroyed nest found a dead female Swan. “She probably died of grief because her partner has left her because of the stress,” suggested the animal rights activist Sam Woodrow (Woodrow Sam).

“I don’t want today to write this post because I have some bad news to report — shared activist Michael Mason (Michael Mason) in Facebook. — I tried to keep you informed of the latest developments of the Swan, which was postponed six eggs. Three of them were broken by teenagers. Then a bird attacked the dogs, the ducks and moorhens. Two more eggs had been stolen. In the end, Swan was left with only one egg.”

After that, according to Mason, the female cast partner. “Unfortunately, this morning I was told that she was found dead in the nest, he added. — I can barely contain my tears.”

The Royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals are investigating the incident. It is noted that swans, their nests and eggs are protected by the authorities.

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