The CPS announced ways to protect children from coronavirus


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Parents need to teach children ways to protect against coronavirus and not to drive them in public places even after the lifting of isolation. This is stated on the website of Rospotrebnadzor.

The service noted that children are less likely and easier to carry new infection, but most adults become asymptomatic carriers of the virus. However, the child is not infected, he and relatives need to follow the recommendations: to comply with social distancing, wash hands frequently, use antiseptics, not to touch face with hands on the street, to wear masks and gloves. All this you must teach, show by example. You should explain to the juvenile that dirty hands can cause infection or disease and they in any case can not touch the nose, rubbing the eyes, taking the fingers into his mouth.

Walking in the text are referred to as essential for children, but during them, it is important to be away from people at a distance not less than two meters. If a child cannot comply with this rule, you should choose a less crowded place.

Treatment playgrounds regularly, but senior recommended time to disinfect surfaces in contact with the exposed skin of minors after sitting on the bench, riding the roller coaster, visit simulators, and more. After returning home, the child is better to take a shower and not just wash your face and hands with soap and water.

Possible parents need to abandon joint trips, for example, in the store. This will help to reduce the risk of infection. Children are better left at home or under supervision in the Playground.

Juvenile up to seven years may not wear masks, but in this case it is important to use distancing. For older children and teenagers a mask is required.

Earlier, Dutch scientists have questioned the effectiveness of masks for children during a pandemic. For them, the efficiency of mask mode was 20 percent lower than for adults.

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