The husband and wife donated a kidney to one person with a difference in 16 years


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A resident of Pensacola, Florida, donated a kidney to the man who for 16 years received the bodies of her deceased husband. This publication reports CNN.

35-year-old roofer Brian Herrington (Herrington Bryan) died in 2004 as a result of falling from the roof while working. He wanted to donate his organs after death and donated his heart, lungs, liver, kidney and pancreas. As a result, the kidney and pancreas were transplanted suffering from diabetes Jeffrey Granger (Jeffrey Granger).

In the first year after transplantation in Grainger announced who donated life-saving organs, and the widow of Herrington Terri (Terri Herrington) did not know who got them. She and Granger were exchanging anonymous notes and postcards. Later, Terry sent Granger the card that introduced himself and told him about Brian. After the first conversation on the phone Granger said he had the feeling that he was familiar with Terry’s life. In the next 15 years, their friendship only grew stronger.

In 2019 one of the kidney Granger started to say no, and he told Terry about it. She immediately offered Granger a kidney for transplantation. American gone so quickly that at first Granger thought it was a joke. Later he accepted her offer, although as a donor approached his wife. He decided that the wife will care for him after surgery.

Dr. mark Johnson (Mark Johnson), who led the operation, said that Terry has not only extended the life expectancy of Granger, but also improved the quality of life. The doctor said that is not aware of any case where a husband and wife to donate organs to one person. Now Granger and Terry’s closest friends.

Earlier it was reported that the inhabitant of the English city of Rotherham, in the County of South Yorkshire, gave his kidney on the 50th anniversary needed this transplant on my husband. She told him that is suitable as a donor.

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