The presenter urged the youth to forget about the coronavirus and storm the beaches and shops



Television host and comedian bill Mar broadcast of his show “Real time” on HBO urged the youth to forget about the coronavirus and faster return to normal life. As reports The Independent, Mar reminded that for young people COVID-19 least dangerous, and their chances of survival if they get a virus is very high.

According to lead, the Millennials must lead the world to a life without fear: right now, he advised them to return to their everyday activities, for example to storm the beaches and shops. Mar noted that this will help them to cope with anxiety, and recommended to young to rely on their own immune system.

Comedian drew attention to the fact that to comply with the precautions necessary in any case. So, he asked the youth to wear masks, though, and found that the probability that one of them will pick up the virus is extremely small.

In may, the beach party in Texas takes place each year, ended with mass arrests. The audience broke the rules imposed because of the new coronavirus infection, in particular, they did not respect social distance and not wearing masks. Numerous meeting tourists at the end led to 189 arrests, including for drug possession.

Worldwide the number infected by the coronavirus, has exceeded nine million people. During the epidemic recorded nearly 471 thousand deaths. Recover managed 4.8 million people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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