The Russian Navy denied the posts with nudity and insults


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @arhtralflot

Arkhangelsk trawl fleet disown publications in Instagram account @arhtralflot. As reported by “Moscow speaking” assistant to the General Director of the Russian company Alena Asinine, currently being tested.

“Arkhangelsk trawl fleet has no relation to the account and is investigating, on what basis and for what purpose you created this account,” said Asinine.

In this case the description page is @arhtralflot stated that it is an unofficial account of the Arkhangelsk trawl fleet. Most of the published pictures depicted Nude or semi-Nude people, often hides the nakedness of seafood, and the captions for some posts contain insults (for example a comment to the photograph of dead fish says: “Decrepit and dead inside, in General your ex”).

In the comments to the posts @arhtralflot many praised the work of the informal account negatively. “*** [Pancake], and that’s the shit that sells the fish my cat *** *** [fiasco],” said a user with the nickname hedgehog_from_oranges. “Well, you scum”, — shared his opinion fallenart91. Many reproached the authors of the publications in the sexualization of women, lack of talent and endorsement of domestic violence.

Earlier in June, the farm “Troekurovo” complained of “information attack”. In social networks on behalf of the company appeared posts with photos of chicken feet, painted in the colors of the tricolor and allegedly released specifically for the Day of Russia. Representatives of the “Troekurovo” noted that the accounts published pictures have no relationship to the brand.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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