The witnesses told about the caught with her hands in her backpack and historian Sokolov


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In the trial of historian Oleg Sokolov, accused in the murder of PhD student Anastasia Yeshchenko, witnesses described how in his backpack was found the severed hands of the girl. On Monday, June 22, reports “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Witness the case of Igor Quanjun, the doctor, whose team came to Sokolov, said that at the time of the examination, the Professor was nervous, inadequate and did not evaluate the environment. In his pocket he had stuck the gun. When the emergency workers tried to put the man on a stretcher, he resisted and did not want to let go of the backpack. According to the witness, while doctors assisted the Professor assistance, the police officer opened the backpack and started back, saying that there are hands. Parts of the body, duct-taped, were Packed in two packages.

About how it was discovered the body of the murdered woman, told another witness in the case, the employee sue “ekostroy” Alexey Bezrukov. “Gray opened the first bag, there was another, out of sugar, then another black bag. All tied with a rope. Found the body and called the police”, — quotes the words of the doctor edition

TASS with reference to the representative of the parents of the murdered girls, said that a civil suit demanding financial compensation close Eschenko to the historian will not apply. Also a representative of the family said that the reconciliation with the defendant impossible.

Oleg Sokolov was detained November 9, 2019 in Saint-Petersburg while trying to drown in the river Sink backpack with a severed female hands. He later admitted that he killed his student and mistress Anastasia Yeshchenko, then dismembered her body to dispose of evidence. After that, he allegedly planned to take their own life in the fortress in a Napoleon costume.

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