The woman was numb for a few months and from the stress of talking with a Russian accent


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A resident English County Essex for a few months numb, and then began to speak four foreign accents. This publication reports the Times Now News.

The employee of the orphanage Emily Egan (Egan Emily) headaches started. Few weeks her speech was slow and slurred. Because this is a crucial signs of a stroke, an Englishwoman went to the doctor. She underwent CT and MRI, but when after three weeks she was discharged, she even lost her voice. The doctors performed many tests and ruled out a stroke, but are unable to determine the cause of the loss of the ability to speak.

Later she went on vacation to Thailand with his partner. Just five days journey Egan again began to speak. Soon it got stronger, but gained Eastern European accent. Sometimes her accent switched to French and Italian, and when she was stressed, her accent was Russian. When Egan was too tired, she could not speak.

Then the Englishwoman finally was diagnosed with “foreign accent syndrome”. This is a rare speech disorder resulting from brain damage.

“This whole experience was exhausting and absolutely overwhelming. Has changed not only my accent. I do not speak or think as before. I can’t build the sentence so how would make it to the disease. Now I write differently, my entire vocabulary has changed. My English has gotten worse, although I lived all my life in the UK,” said Egan.

Because of foreign accent to it become worse is the strangers. “The man in the supermarket yelled at me. He said that because such aliens as I am, we have a coronavirus”, — she complained.

Earlier it was reported that the inhabitant of the English city of Liverpool began to speak English with a Russian accent after a stroke. The doctors explained that the foreign accent syndrome — a rare and incurable complication after stroke or traumatic brain injury.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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