To dispel the myth of the creation of the Kalashnikov assault rifle



Edition “Kalashnikov Media” dispelled the myth that the Creator of the legendary machine at design time went against the military leaders of the time. About the origin of the myth on the project’s website said the historian Andrey Ulanov.

He stated that one of the most common myths about the AK is a rumor that when you create weapons Mikhail Kalashnikov did not listen to the recommendations of the organizers of the competition and have drastically altered your machine. The historian notes that Kalashnikov supposedly shortened the length of the barrel AK, but his audacity did not notice. Ulanov assured that it is a lie.

According to him, such freedom could not remain unnoticed, because in the documents it was noted that “a Kalashnikov in the process of constructive improvements were subjected to a radical alteration.” Moreover, the organizers of the competition encouraged the designers to modify the prototypes of their weapons: “All three finalists were allowed to shorten the trunks up to 400 mm, and all three did”.

Armory historian stressed that, according to the documents, a list of deficiencies Kalashnikov on the contrary was the shortest compared to competitors. Thus, Mikhail Kalashnikov changed the design of the fastening fly, put not effective muzzle brake-compensator to guarantee a fixation of the bolt in the rear position.

According to the specialist, who took a prototype of officers of the Main artillery administration was keen not to play up to someone, and to contribute to the development of best weapons. In the end I won a prototype Kalashnikov assault rifle, as its Creator had “the most comprehensive revision of his machine”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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