A Russian court has denied walking ill cancer investor from the USA


www.vsyako.netMichael Califato: Eugene biyatov / RIA Novosti

In Moscow, the first appellate court of General jurisdiction refused to soften the conditions of house arrest of the founder of the investment Fund Baring Vostok to American Michael Calvey, who was diagnosed with cancer. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

The lawyers requested to allow the defendant to a daily walk, as he was suffering from cancer. But the court sided with the investigator and the Prosecutor, who said there were no grounds to change the measure of restraint for the accused. In addition, they believe that the defendants can escape. On this basis the court of appeal upheld the decision of Moscow city court, which extended Calvey and others accused of embezzlement in the Bank “East” period of house arrest until August 13.

Earlier, on June 23 it was reported that the doctors diagnosed US citizen Calvey malignant tumor. He, along with five other employees Baring Vostok is accused in a case of fraud with shares of the Luxembourg company IFTG. Owning their First collection Bureau (PCB) has paid in securities with the lender, which was the Bank “East”. And the credit institution, and both companies at the time were under the control of Baring Vostok.

According to the investigation, the value of the shares was repeatedly underestimated what “East” suffered losses. The criminal case was brought in early last year on the complaint of the owner of “Eastern” Sherzod Yusupov, who at that time together with his partner Artem Avetisyan was in a corporate conflict with Calvey and Baring Vostok.

Subsequently, the company Avetisyan “Vinvin” sold a call option for the purchase of Fund 9.99% of shares of “Vostochny”, the result of which got control of it.

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