Bollywood star explained his success good karma and ran into criticism


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Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor, explained their success by good karma and ran into criticism. The actress appealed to followers in your Twitter account.

“Karma is the great equalizer. We are where we are because of our karma. We were born and went through what we went through because of our karma. If you spread hate, it’s your karma. I pray for you all,” — wrote the artist.

She also posted a few screenshots with comments from detractors, who accused it of lack of talent and explained that its success it owes father — a famous Indian actor and producer Anil Kapoor. “Yes, I’m here because of my father, and Yes, I am in a privileged position. My father tried very hard to give me all of it. And that is where I was born, is the result of my karma. I’m proud that I’m his daughter,” responded the actress.

Twitter users found the explanations Kapoor stupid and reminded that not all people who find themselves in difficult circumstances, deserve this. “This tweet proves that you are very very stupid. Privilege is not something you can be proud of,” wrote user DeepikaBhardwaj. “The whole country is mocking you, that’s good karma,” commented the lady MonaSharmapr.

Many called for an end to nepotism in India. Others felt that the publication of Kapoor justify the systemic oppression in local society.

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