Elizabeth II had a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace


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Elizabeth II had a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace. Photos of the residence inside was posted in stories in the Instagram account @theroyalfamily.

Every summer the Royal family invites visitors, but this year the visits were canceled because of the spread of coronavirus.

The Queen showed a White room with a giant chandelier with Golden candlesticks. In the corner of the room stands a piano with gold, made by order of Queen Victoria in 1856. In this room there is a secret entrance hidden behind the mirror and a wardrobe. “The room is used as reception for the Queen and members of the Royal family to gather before official occasions”, — reported in the caption to the picture in the stories.

Also Elizabeth II showed fans of the Throne Room with high ceilings, multiple chandeliers and two red chairs of carved and gilded beech wood. Subscribers were able to see the thrones of the 94-year-old Queen and the 99-year-old Prince Philip. “The chairs of the estate, which was used for the coronation of the Queen 1953”, — explained in the description.

In several images showed a Banquet hall for receptions, an art gallery and a huge spiral staircase, decorated with gold leaf.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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