Family heirlooms accidentally thrown into the garbage after a fire


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A resident of the Welsh town of Callville lost family heirlooms due to the fact that the housing and building Association without permission exported to things after a fire in her house. This publication reports the BBC News.

The house of Amanda Lloyd (Amanda Lloyd) fire occurred. As a result, the woman was hospitalized. United Welsh housing construction Association helped her find temporary housing and provided food and clothing. When, after discharge from the hospital, Lloyd children arrived at the burnt house, the workers had emptied the building.

As a result, the resident of Calville lost all family heirlooms, including photographs and a necklace with an engraving, which had previously belonged to her late mother. The woman said that many times discussed by telephone with representatives of the Association that it needed time to dismantle the house and see what you can save before clearing.

Despite this, the Association sent a truck and took her stuff to the dump, did not inform Lloyd. The woman only received a phone call from a neighbor who asked if she knows that her house is clean and empty.

“Everything from scans of my pregnancy until the first baby photos, all the achievements of my children in school. My mother died in may last year and left me a necklace engraved with the… no longer exist. My kids now have nothing to show my kids in the future,” she said.

Deputy chief Executive Director of the Association Richard Mann (Richard Mann) brought Lloyd a sincere apology and explained that the incident was the result of a lack of communication due to imposed due to pandemic coronavirus regime of strict isolation. He added that Lloyd was given the opportunity to move things. Mann said that the organization will continue to provide support to a woman could go back to his old house.

Earlier it was reported that in the U.S. city of Los Angeles firefighters returned to the mistress a diamond ring which had been found among the ruins of a house burnt during a forest fire “Getty”. Realizing that somebody else a ring can be expensive as memory, they tracked down his owner.

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