Guzeeva urged to call parted with Asmus Kharlamov on “let’s get married!”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti

Leading fans of the TV show “let’s get married!” Larisa Guzeeva in the comments to the posts in Instagram urged her to call for a program of resident Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov, who announced the breakup with his wife, actress Christine Asmus.

“Invite her on the show “let’s get married!” The groom you will have the top with the humor,” wrote macrokhoreck. “Garik waiting on the transfer,” said verineka. Wearer dixon_play wrote nick Guzeeva and addressed directly to the actress: “please Accept Garik Kharlamov to his transfer? He newly”.

Some fans began to joke on the subject of participation comedian in the project. “You have power over Garik Kharlamov, do not dissemble,” said samsalgo.

Kharlamov and Asmus announced the divorce via the Instagram account in the afternoon of 22 June. The actress explained that by this decision the couple came for a long time, about a year ago. Harlamov thanked his wife for eight years of marriage and assured that they will continue to educate the General’s daughter. The couple married in 2013, they had a daughter Anastasia.

Kharlamov often makes fun of Russian television and regularly mocks the project “let’s get married!” In his jokes he regularly mentions the lead of the project, actress Larisa Guzeeva. It usually does not respond to the humor of the comic, but in one of the episodes of remembered his jokes. Then Guzeeva heard a story about a farting bride and said it was a dedication to the comedian because he “was just sick and tired of it.”

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