Male just over a year she lost 76 pounds and revealed his secret


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A resident of the English County of Hertfordshire during the year lost 76 pounds for children and revealed his secret with a balanced diet and exercise. The story of his transformation, was published by the Daily Mail.

37-year-old Miguel da Silva (Miguel da Silva), whose five year old son Diogo and three year old daughter Emma, weighed 165 pounds and wore size XXXL. He realized that you need to get in shape when I played football with Diogo. “The ball rolled out onto the road and my son ran after him. To my horror, I couldn’t catch up to him — all that was left for me, only to shout after him, — says the Englishman. In that moment, I decided I needed to change something”.

Because obesity Miguel suffered from health problems. “I had asthma, high blood pressure and sleep apnea, he said. — I realized that if you do not get rid of excess weight, you may not find growing up son.” He began to follow a balanced diet developed by a specialist. As a result, he abandoned the fast food and snacking on the run and began to eat meals prepared at home.

“It was easy for me to follow the recommendations, and I liked that I had a mentor who supported and guided me throughout the process. I knew I needed if I was targeting success,” he said.

One of the menu for the day the Englishman was as follows: for Breakfast, he drank black coffee without sugar and eat whole grain slice of bread with a slice of cheese; for lunch combined with dinner, ate a chicken breast with vegetables or salad and a glass of water. So in 12 months he managed to lose up to 89 pounds.

“Plus I have increased my daily activity, I began to walk more and even started without hesitation to the gym, when he reached his desired weight; although it seemed to me that it would never happen, he says. — After I fell in love with the sport, I went to study for a fitness instructor”. Miguel stressed that he fulfilled his main ambition is to be an exemplary father and husband and lead an active life.

Previously she has shown just over a year and four months she has completely transformed, losing weight at 69 pounds. She posted the story of his transformation on the Internet. Commentators noted that after losing weight she became to look 20 years younger.

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