Military mercenary jailed for the attack on the home of the Russian


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Tuapse district court of Krasnodar territory has sentenced to eight years in prison military mercenary Denis Karaban for the attack on the house of a local resident and extortion in his land. On Tuesday, June 23, reports “Kommersant”.

According to the publication, the defendant is former military, a member of the so-called private military companies (PMCs) “E. N. About.T.”. He was found guilty of extortion, unlawful imprisonment and trespassing and will serve his sentence in a strict regime colony.

According to investigators, in August 2018, the soldiers of the PMC Denis Karaban and Basil Minchin (already convicted in the same articles) at the direction of the leader of the Roman Milenkevich arrived in Tuapse, got into the yard of a local resident Peter Suponeva, tied up the lady of the house, and then, waiting for the man, attacked him, beat him and demanded an end to the conflict with the neighbor — academician Mikhail Finger, abandoning the law of the land.

Lawyer convicted of Karaban intends to appeal the verdict, considering it unproven guilty to unlawful imprisonment.

It was reported that the Investigative Committee of Russia has accused Andrew Molokoedov — adviser academician Michael Paltseva — in participation in criminal community, which included fighters of private military companies (PMCs) “E. N. About.T.”. According to investigators, it was he who instructed the “raccoon” under the threat of violence to Rob from Peter Suponeva land.

The scholar in whose interests were committed extortion, in the case does not appear.

“E. N. About.T.” — officially registered in Russia, the public organization “United people’s community partnership”, which allegedly engaged in military-Patriotic education of youth. In 2019 in respect of the members of the organization was initiated a number of criminal cases. They were accused of banditry, extortion and theft. Their attacks “raccoons”, which also participated in the fighting in the East of Ukraine and in Syria, committed by order of the curators from FSB. The following supervisors, according to the investigators, could be Alexander majors of Mishuk and Anton Baracchi. Both are now in custody.

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