Morgenstern and that’s launched in “Vkontakte” challenges about prom


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In “Vkontakte” start up challenges dedicated to prom. This was reported in the press release of the Russian social network.

One of them threw the rapper Morgenstern. He even offered to make videos for his new song, Cadillac and publish them in section “Videos” in “Vkontakte” with the hashtag #выпускнойCadillac. Gathered the biggest number of likes will receive a personal gift from the musician.

Another challenge launched by the rapper Busta, who offered him the song “Slowness” to remove humorous clip prom dance, which is partner is that there at home: for example, the cat, the certificate or Teddy bear. The movie also need to publish in the “Clips” with the hashtag #медлячок2020.

Gifts and get from the social network. For the first place — iPhone, second iPad, third — AirPods, fourth and fifth — column smart “Capsule” voice assistant “Marusya”. Results will be announced no later than 1 July in the community “Clips Vkontakte”, according to the material.

The June 27 vent in Russian schools will be held in online mode. While full-time events can take place in those regions, which to this day will be the third phase of the lifting of restrictions. This day will be a national event “Prom” in the final part which will include the festival “Scarlet sails”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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