Moscow was more effective than the other cities of the world in the fight against coronavirus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Sophia Sadurska / AGN “Moscow”

Moscow in the fight against coronavirus, using the experience of other cities in the world, was more powerful in several indicators. This is the conclusion reached by researchers of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), their work was quoted by RIA Novosti.

The analysis took into account data for Moscow, new York, London, Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, Milan, Madrid, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, Singapore and Sydney.

The authors stated that the capital of Russia has managed to soften the initial, most difficult stage of the pandemic. Thus, the volume of testing for coronavirus in first month of 3-times the number of tests per thousand people in Germany and Korea.

“The number of tests Moscow is one of the world leaders and the elderly were protected to a greater extent than in other countries — the number of people 65 plus two-three and more times less than the world, and this success you need to develop,” said managing Director and partner of BCG, a member of the international expert of healthcare practice Ekaterina Timofeeva.

The researchers in their work emphasize that Moscow promptly deployed more capacity, which was 2 times higher than the average for the leading countries of the world. In proof of this they cite the deaths recorded in hospitals. She, according to analysts, 15-30 percent higher than the share in new York and Madrid.

Moscow is also ahead of other cities in the number of stocks of the ventilator. So, before the beginning of the pandemic in the capital was 35 devices per 100 thousand of the population — 3 times higher than the average for the considered countries, including the UK, France, Spain.

Analysts have concluded that it will continue to track the dynamics of suppression of coronavirus in Moscow.

According to 23 June, the total number detected in Russia cases of infection with coronavirus has reached 599 thousand. In Moscow the number of infected is 216 095. For all the time in the capital recovered 139 248 people died — 3 643.

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