Muscovites emerged from isolation and began to drain the fat


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Liposuction has become the most popular procedure at women of Moscow after the end of the regime of isolation imposed due to the outbreak of coronavirus. About it “” said managing Institute of plastic surgery on Tsvetnoy Boulevard Xenia Monday.

According to the specialist, the procedure is often made in the winter, because after the operation the patient is required to go to a compression garment for a month, which is uncomfortable in hot weather. Despite this, after the opening of the medical center the demand for it has increased significantly.

It is noted that women rushed to pump out excess fat from the abdomen and waist, who scored during the quarantine. The expert stressed that they had not planned to contact the experts before the pandemic, but decided on surgery because of the sharp rise of weight.

“Girls came up and said that they have no time to lose weight, to diet and exercise. They wanted to clean up quickly,” — said Monday. She also added that at the moment the procedure is especially in demand among women, who always keep yourself in shape, but “relaxed quarantined”, but not those who are constantly struggling with excess weight.

On 9 June, the Russians opened the way quick weight loss after insulation. Specialists “Roccasecca” told me that for harmless weight loss should reduce the amount of consumed calories by 15-30 percent and perform 10 thousand steps daily. In addition, experts suggest going to bed before midnight.

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