Putin announced the beginning of the global crisis


www.vsyako.netVladimir Putinto: press service of the President of the Russian Federation

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the pandemic coronavirus has hit world trade and led to the beginning of the global recession in the world. He stated this in his address to the Russians, the translation of which is “Ribbon.ru” in their group “Vkontakte”.

In his speech, Putin said that the full depth of coronavirus crisis is yet to be assessed. He noted, however, that the most acute problem for all countries was the growth of unemployment, the effects of the pandemic had an impact on Russia. However, the latter managed to avoid the “dramatic leap forward”. The President instructed to take measures to 2021, fully restore the labor market.

The head of state noted that in the world due to a global epidemic of a new reality. According to him, now in matters of security and development can only rely on ourselves.

Earlier it was reported that during a speech on 23 June, Putin instructed to increase the tax to incomes of physical persons (personal income tax) due to the increase in rates for wealthy taxpayers with incomes over 5 million a year. The tax rate will be 15 percent instead of the current 13. The increased rate will apply only to the amount of income exceeding five million rubles a year.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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