Revealed the secret meaning of the colors of the outfits Kate Middleton


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Expert in color therapy (a method of alternative medicine, during which the patient affected with the differently colored light to cure it — approx. “Of the”) analyzed selected by the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine colored outfits and revealed their hidden sense. It is reported by The Sun.

Public outputs Middleton were evaluated by the expert Jules Standish (Standish Jules). It turned out that she often wears clothes of dark blue colour — the Duchess appeared in more than 24 times from January 2019. “This shade sets the mood of tranquility, peace and stability. In it Kate projects the image of confidence, reliability and integrity,” — says the expert.

According to the Standish green Middleton prefers to wear in the cold season and traveling abroad, particularly in Ireland where the color is national. “Green conveys a friendly and sincere essence of Kate, emphasizing her interest in environmental issues,” explained the man.

Following is the white color which 38-year-old wife of Prince William was often chosen for attendance at sporting events. For example, in 2019, she played in a white cricket outfit during the Royal tour of Pakistan. Further, the frequency goes black, in which Catherine appears mostly at the evening events.

In addition, Middleton loves to wear red clothes on special occasions. In 2019 noticed her in the dress of wine-colored during the annual service in honor of the Commonwealth. Standish emphasized that “this color speaks of strong character Kate and how well she copes with his work. Red stands out in the crowd and energizing”.

It is noted that in the Duchess’s wardrobe are also present the outfits of purple and pink. The latter is versatile for any occasion.

According to the publication, the less likely the wife of Prince William can be seen in clothes orange hue. “Maybe she thinks this color is too bright, but it is possible that she wears it during the holidays with your family away from prying eyes,” added Standish.

In may, the outfits Kate Middleton saw the secret message, struggling with a virus the doctors. Journalists drew attention to her clothes during the virtual conference platform Zoom. As it turned out, Middleton appeared in the images of each color of the rainbow, to Express support for the medical employees, whose work is directly related to pandemic coronavirus.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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