Rosstat explained different data on deaths from the coronavirus in Russia


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The difference is almost one and a half times in the Rosstat data and the operational headquarters in deaths from coronavirus in April is associated with different method of calculation. This in an interview with RBC explained the head of the statistics service Pavel Malkov.

According to him, oberstab owns the operational and relevant information that is manually entered into their system. Rosstat another method of calculating mortality based on the death certificates. During the epidemic there were difficulties with their rapid collection, since the process of recognition of deceased person in Russia, takes time, sometimes 45 days or more. Also in some regions by law, citizens are not required to register the death at the registry office, to bury the deceased. For example, such a trend exists in the North Caucasus, the Volga region, the far East, part of southern Federal district.

“You also need to understand that the mortality rate from coronavirus is not a binary value: died of coronavirus, has died from the coronavirus. It is not so simple,” said Malkov. He noted that, for example, the tradition of some people in Russia banned the autopsy, which in some cases complicates the determination of cause of death.

The head of service assured that their data on mortality from the virus will be specified.

According to the information of the operational headquarters from the coronavirus in April died 1152 man. According to Rosstat, the figure was 1660.

At the end of may it was reported that Russia is adopting a new methodology for counting deaths from COVID-19, based on the principles of the world health organization (who).So, now accounted for including the cases, when the infection led to complications of the underlying disease that caused the death of the patient.

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