Russia invented the shovel


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vitaly Timkivi / RIA Novosti

Specialists of Omsk research Institute of instrument engineering has received a patent for a shovel with improved characteristics. About the invention of Russian scientists reports the edition “Superock”.

Patented Jacob Perczel and Michael Agarkov tool allows you to expend less effort at work. Innovative shovel has tulaku with stiffener, the concavity of the canvas is 20-25 mm, which reduces the physical effort in the digging of the earth.

Created by hawks tool is universal, that is, combines the functions as a bayonet and shovel. In the description of the patent States that due to reduced to 10-12 degrees to the angle of the core to the blade of the spade easily cuts into the soil. Also due to lateral flare provided by the retention of the portable soil on the surface of the tool.

“The cloth has a support surface for the feet, beaded at the top side and two ribs in the form of embossed elements,” reads the description of the invention. Journalists clarify that one of the creators of shovel — Jacob Perczel — works in the Institute since 1960.

In January 2019, the Governor of Petersburg Alexander Beglov has tried to solve the problem of snowy streets with the help of personal shovels. “Each Chapter of the district to give the shovel with the inscription “shovel Beglov”, I myself have in the trunk is a shovel, if it isn’t cleaned will,” said the mayor.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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