Russian mother and alienated in full of dead rats and cats ruins


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In Vachsky district, Nizhny Novgorod region found two women who live in emergency crumbling dirty building with no amenities and proper nutrition. The story of Russia told local program “by the Way”, the story published on her YouTube channel.

42-year-old Hopes the Bushueva only 8 years of education and no passport. In their mother’s house there are many cats and rats that “not live long” — in the story are visible the decaying bodies of dead animals. Judging by the video, the bodies of animals there are on the place where the sleeping woman.

“Worse than cats my life. Cats have more rights,” said Bushuyeva, she also called himself “the living dead”.

Bushueva said that he and his mother eat cat food, “white bread” and rotten food. They have no firewood, gas, electricity and water. Woman compared their lifestyle with a “cave rats”. The plot shows that she’s wearing a dirty skirt and sweater, torn shoes, and the hair formed a Mat which, judging by their appearance, have to cut more. She was unable to answer the question, when did you shower last time — we only know that the opportunity she had with my grandmother when the house was a vegetable garden. Relative died 14 years ago.

Neighbors said that earlier the family was normal, but in this state, the mother and daughter have been living for 11 years. “Mother was ispartakule her. I do not like to go dance or to work. Kept the house. She’s like a savage,” said one of the local residents. Women are told that for some time he kept in the cellar. They assume that the mother of the Bushueva has mental problems.

Bushueva not sure I’ll be able to change lives, because it knows nothing and never was, does not know “where to go and where its release”. Recently, however, she asked for help when her mother almost night did not budge and did not respond to questions. The neighbors called an ambulance and the police, the woman barely persuaded to go to the hospital. The daughter stayed home, residents gathered treatment to the local hospital and the head of the administration, so it is also identified in the clinic.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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